The biggest problem with doing anything online nowadays is differentiating the scams from the real deal and football betting is no exception in that regard. So how do you know you are not about to bash someone on the other side of the planet some free money? Well, here are a few tips that can help you “smell the rat”.


Extravagant bonuses anyone who has been betting for even a week will tell you this, there is a very high chance you will lose money, maybe not today or tomorrow but someday so if you go to a website and they are giving bonuses to make it seem like no matter what happens you come out on top. Something is definitely wrong, to verify, you can ask a friend who has been into football betting to give their opinion or if possible shows you evidence of winnings they collected, you could also just Google the site and proposed bonus. Trust me if they are a scam someone is going to be shouting it from the hilltop.


Unstable sites you’re probably wondering. “What do I mean by unstable sites?” These are sites that are constantly under maintenance which sounds like a good thing except when a site is ever so often undergoing changes, there is a good chance those changes will affect your winnings. There could be a change in the terms of service, withdrawal delays or just simple difficulty getting access to your winnings due to one new due process or the other. It is deliberate, and it is a scam to frustrate you into forgetting the money there or pushing you to make changes that get your money locked down. To avoid it, again, don’t go solo, talk to people who have evidence of their winnings over months or years and they will put you through.


Unsolicited contact So say you open your facebook messenger one morning and a random person sends you a message, regarding odds or a bet that is guaranteed, or even just motivating you to place a bet and you know you never gave out your contact to such a person directly, there is a good chance they stole it off a website you registered your details on but more importantly, they can’t actually say for sure that you will win but they can collect your money. Do your research but most likely avoid them, only put your money by yourself into a bet that is run by an operator you are sure of.


Poor ratings

The importance of doing your research cannot be overemphasized. You must check how an operator is rated on sportsbook review websites as well as football betting forums and chat groups. Needless to say, if the negative reviews are too many, you should avoid such a site or operator.

Payment method Okay this does not exactly mean the site is a scam but it can very well mean you would lose money because a site will not tell you if its mode of payment will allow you to withdraw in your country even though you could deposit money on the site using the same method.

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