Introduction To American Soccer Betting


MLS which is the acronym for Major League Soccer was created in 1993, is the foremost professional football league played in North America.  1996 as when the first season of this league was held in with ten franchises all about 20 franchise in all from Canada and US in 2007.


By 2018, they will be about 24 franchises. Championship leagues usually runs from March to December, this is in 2 parts i.e. the regular season which will result in teams qualifying for playoffs, followed by the start of the championship.


East and West, each composed of 10 teams is division of the teams into 2 conferences.  34 games is the number of plays by the team in the season, at the end,  6 best teams emerge from each conference to compete for the final place.





Two of the largest countries in the world come together for MLS a huge problem for teams who travel abroad. Fatigue is commonly associated to long travelling during these trips, this can be considered in betting.  Rooting for home team is ordinarily a safe bet.



MLS though an unfolding young league is making huge progress nonetheless because of the heavy investments attracted through buying experienced international and big stars. There has been consistently improving over the years even though it is still far from its European counter parts. The actual drive for bookmakers are the large multitude of interesting best and the odds thereof.


 –Key Players 

MLS has brought in a host of big names into the league recently and new headliners were brought in to cover for the retirement of the likes of David Beckham and Thierry Henry. Just like the National Basketball Association stars these key star players have a way of determining the outcome of the play. It is therefore safe to bet on a team with such football super star or stars on account of their skill of play and the zest and hope they bring into the game and also the fear and terror they cause for the opponent team.


-Legal Sanctions

Because of the legalizing of sports betting, a lot of people are now joining the betting game and also becoming interesting in the MSL league and the traffic of the majority sometime indicates the direction of the wining team. The general crowd direction may help indicate the direction of the win. Betting along that line is 50 – 50 percent safe bet.



Being one of the most popular American football in the United States. Either the regular season of the championship league.

Owing to the increasing popularity and social acceptance of sports betting in the United States and also the legal sanctioning.  American football is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular league.

The current viewership of both seasons in already on the rise each season and the advent of legalizing sports betting which is relatively new to American sports fans, profits have been mounting for many seasons for members of the betting expert community, hence using  betting tips for many seasons is paramount.

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