Introducing – The Smart Alternative To Playing Your Pools Games!

Often, I get people ask me to recommend a trusted platform where they can play their pools games online.

Well, there are only few pools betting websites online for Nigerians but this article will center on my favorite – website

Here are some of the advantages marsbet365 offers compared to other promoters online or offline;

  1. Unlike the conventional promoters, you can stake one banker draw, two draws etc, home win, away win and cannot draws(they call it “failing to draw”) and score draw.
  2. You get deposit bonus when you credit your betting account in their website.
  3. You get paid with high treble chance and fixed odds more than what the local promoters pay… with odds more than 200 – 1 in some jackpot weeks.
  4. You can stake your games provided the matches have not kick off – “Nothing like pools office on my area have closed.”
  5. The website is easy to use and mobile friendly.
  6. It allows one to stake when convenient at anywhere there’s internet network.
  7. It gives people living in areas without pool offices the opportunity to comfortably stake their games without hassles…
  8. It provides the option to avoid staking games with promoters that pay low winning odds.
  9. Above all… They pay you once you win and make withdrawal request.

To begin staking your pools game at marsbet365, you just have to head to their website and register (click “join us” and complete the registration). Then, fund your account and start betting.

How to fund your account?

There are two ways –

  1. Bank deposit or transfer and
  2. Online payment via atm card (verve, visa or mastercard). I prefer this because it’s instant.

Once logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click deposit. Follow the instructions on the page and that’s it.

Few things to note about the online payment….

  • Your card details are secure. No need to fear
  • You’ll be charged transaction fee but your deposit bonus will cover it plus extra.

In case you prefer bank deposit or transfer… Please ensure you write your username as depositor’s name for them to be able to fund your account easily.

If you have further questions. You can ask in the comment box and I’ll reply base on my experience. Alternatively, you can contact their customer care (e-mail: or
Phone/Whatsapp  +2348183500300) for answers from the horse’s mouth.

Wish to start now? Go to their website and click join us to register and begin your betting journey.

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