India v Korea DPR Live Commentary & Result, 13/07/19, Intercontinental Cup

FULL TIME: India 2-5 DPR Korea

90′ + 4′ Jong Il Gwan has been named as the player of the game.

90′ + 4′ Chhangte with a last-ditch effort to make a run onto the opposition box. However, he is stopped on his tracks by Thong.

90′ + 2′ GOOOOAAL!!! High fives for the Koreans here as Ri Jin makes it 5-2. Un Chol crosses in from the right and Gwan dummies it for Pak Yong Il who hits it right onto Amrinder. The follow up is easily slotted him by Ri Jin, who has two goals in two games now!

90′ + 1′ Four minutes added on.

90′ India’s flag kick does not find the right momentum but the ball keeps on teasing the Korean defense with danger. Adil with the last swipe on goal and it goes off target.

89′ Chong Song drives in from the right, cuts in and takes a shot from the left to deliver it wide off the post. No issues for Amrinder.

87′ Offside! Long ball played to Chhetri and the striker is just half a yard off the trap set by Thong.

86′ OHH!!! Chhangte from the left plays a diagonal ball as Thapa dummies it for Chhetri to his right and the skipper is failed by his first touch as his dip forward has too much meat for Thapa and An Tae collects.

85′ The Korean corner has been dealt with some frantic energy in the box but Chong’s effort to keep the press is also held off by Thapa.

83′ Chhetri feeds Jerry who goes forward from the left but he whips in a cross that only goes into the gloves of An Tae. On the other side from the counter, Kim Yong Il looks to have hurt his shoulder.

80′ Chong Song gets the ball through to his skipper Gwan from behind and the former AFC Youth Player of the Year takes a grounded graze but off the farside.

79′ MISSED! Ri Jin had the golden chance to make it 5-2 but his shot is wide from 19 and a half yards.

78′ Danger for India as Pak Song wins a freekick inside the arc.

77′ SAVED! An Tae Song saves his side as Sahal pulls it back for Chhetri and with his one touch, dinks it forward for Thapa who pulls the trigger only for the Korean gloveman to show some class.

76′ India’s cornerkick does not pay dividends as Jang Kuk redeems himself as he heads the delivery clear.

75′ PRK SUB: Chong IN, Sim OUT.

74′ WHAT A PLAYER SAHAL! Gets the ball in midfield, skips past three men and beats the fourth with some sublime footwork. Waits and shoots to win a corner for India after a deflection off Jang Kuk.

73′ From the other flank now, India try to do an encore with Chhangte on the run but Thong gets a yellow for his shoddy tackle.

71′ GOOOAAL!!! Sunil Chhetri scores and India halves the deficit with twenty minutes to go. Udanta and Samad play a one-two on the edge of the box and the BFC winger then crosses in to his club and country captain and the ball bounces off his knee into the inside roofing of the net.

71′ IND SUBS: Samad IN, Borges OUT | Bheke IN, Bose OUT.

70′ PRK SUB: Thong IN, Song OUT.

68′ Hong Jin Song and Chhangte collide and the Korean fullback takes a bad blow on his elbow. Needs to be stretchered out.

67′ Turning out to be a midfield contest now but India have lost possession twice. Kim Yong Il charges with acres of space ahead and takes a grounded shot but Amrinder takes care of it.

64′ PRK SUB: Yong Il IN, Un Il OUT.

63′ GOOOAAL!!! Ri Un Chol makes it 4-1 on the night. Gwan is fed off from the centre of the park and he does well to beat the offside trap set by Adil. Chol makes a run from behind and he finishes off in style after being fed by his skipper inside the box.

62′ OOOH!!! India press on for 45 seconds or so despite losing the ball twice but they go forward from the right with Thapa and Udanta linking up. The latter blasts it over.

60′ WIDE! DPR Korea with another corner and Jang Kuk has an open header but puts it off target only for a goalkick.

59′ Great counter from India as Borges intercepts and quickly lobs in Chhangte on the run from the left. He dashes in but his cross was acute, right into An Tae Song’s gloves.

57′ As Amarjit is down on the ground, the fans were treated to some brilliant first-touch football as Rowllin found Thapa via sweet flick off Chhetri as the team went forward. Udanta then crossed but right into Yong Chol’s lap.

56′ Box to box game here as first Adil loses out the ball but no danger for India as his shirt was pulled by Gwan. On the other end, Udanta has been held off by Kim but India have shown good intent.

55′ IND SUB: Thapa IN, Justin OUT.

52′ WOODWORK! Scare for India as a long ball cannot be fished out by Adil and Gwan swivels to bang the crossbar over Amrinder’s head.

51′ GOOOAAL!!! Chhangte finishes off from Chhetri lay off only after Justin and Borges apply pressure on Jang Kuk and the Korean defenders lose the ball and the entire team loses out to Chhangte’s lightning pace.

50′ YELLOW! Amarjit into the book with a late tackle on Un Chol.

49′ CHANCE! Some flashy football from India and Udanta dinks it to Rowllin who holds the ball with his back to the ‘keeper. Chhangte was clear but he chooses to pass it to Amarjit rushing in before he is taken down on the edge of the box.

47′ After DPR Korea resume proceedings, India try to play it from the back right after winning possession. Meanwhile, the referee gives a retrospective foul against India after Chhangte’s tackle on Jin Song.

45′ IND SUBS: Chhangte IN, Brandon OUT | Udanta IN, Manvir OUT.

45′ We are back for the second half in Ahmedabad…

HALF TIME: India 0-3 DPR Korea

45′ + 1′ Two minutes added on.

45′ Amrinder shows some heart to come out and displace the Korean attack. However, his distribution is still scratchy as the ball fails to leave the India half for a good 25 seconds.

43′ SAVED! Ri Jin curls past the wall and Amrinder does well to deal with the freekick parrying the ball off.

42′ YELLOW! P Song has been fouled by Adil near the edge of the box and the visitors will have a free kick from 23 metres out.

41′ Too much stoppages in play as India kick out the ball in respect of Gwan going down.

39′ OVER! Gwan’s weaker foot does not do the magic here as the right-footed freekick sails above the iron.

39′ IND SUB – Adil IN, Jhingan OUT.

38′ Ri Jin wins a freekick right on the edge of the box on the left hand side thanks to an unfortunate handball from Kotal while trying to gather an aerial ball.

36′ YELLOW! Jhingan gets into the book for a nasty challenge on Gwan from behind. In further bad news, Jhingan is down on the ground in what looks like a hamstring issue.

34′ The Far East side are just toying around with the ball as India keep mispassing and letting go of possession with extreme ease.

32′ Jerry, the prime accused for shipping in the third goal now roves forward from the left flank and attempts a cross towards Justin but Jin Song intercepts with a header.

31′ Half an hour gone, India are down three nil in Ahmedabad.

29′ GOOOAAL!! Jong Il Gwan heads it in and makes it 3-0! P Song crosses in from the right and Gwan leaps over Rinzuala to head it in after the ball touching the post.

27′ PRK SUB – P Song IN, Han Thae Hyok OUT.

25′ SAVED! DPR Korea have a corner and Gwan on the far side leaps past Justin and over Manvir to connect but Amrinder parries it away.

23′ India have a freekick and Brandon is ambitious enough to get a shot in from range. However, the wall clears it before An Tae Song could have a feel of the ball.

20′ OH DEAR! Amrinder comes right onto the edge of his box to collect the ball with Gwan charging on. Almost had gifted another goal but one bounce and Bose cleans the act up. India need to tighten the backline.

19′ Sim Hyon Jin now concedes a foul over Jobby Justin and India have a freekick from range. Nothing comes out of it.┬á

16′ GOOOOAAL!! DPR Korea make it 2-0 and India could not have had a worse start. Sim Hyon Jin cuts past Jhingan who misjudged his sliding tackle and Kotal and Bose were caught ball watching as he drills it past Amrinder.

14′ Another poor piece of officiating but the Indian fans won’t complain as the linesman raises the flag for offiside with Ri Jin having to stop the move down the right.

13′ The referee gives away a freekick for DPR Korea near the circle as he deems Amarjit to be the culprit. With the gift of television replays, we see Gwan taking a free fall without any contact. We assume Neymar has been in touch with the DPR Korea number 11.

11′ OVER! Brandon delivers a freekick India won from range on the near touchline. Swings it across the face of goal as Chhetri gets a free header but his attempt flies above the bar. Chance wasted for India to equalise.

10′ Ten minutes in, DPR Korea are clearly on the frontfoot here as they try to pepper long balls to dismantle Amrinder’s confidence. Meanwhile, Gwan is not vey happy that his captain’s armband keeps slipping off his arm.

8′ GOOOAAAAL!! Jong Il Gwan scores with a peach of a freekick! The skipper swings the set-piece from the right hand side from 28 yards and beats an outstretched Amrinder to nestle into the farside of the net. Poor ‘keeping from the Mumbai City man.

7′ Very clumsy from Amarjit! Amrinder plays it from the back and Rinzuala keeps the ball for too long, an interception later, Sim gets the ball and the Jamshedpur man gives away a freekick.

5′ Wasted move here by DPR Korea! Un Il drags away from two bodies and squares it to Ri Jin on the other side of the box. Thought too much and has to play it back. As the men in white try to find a gap, Bose and Gwan collide in the box and the latter falls down, but no intent to give away a penalty.

4′ Another foul by India. This time teenage star Amarjit sticks his leg out to bring down Un Il but the set-piece does not make any difference.

2′ Manvir wins the ball and rides the right flank. Justin and Chhetri make the run down the middle but the makeshift right winger’s cross is intercepted. Also, Chhetri was tugged on his shirt by Yong Chol and the referee does not even bother replying to India’s appeal for a freekick.

1′ Early freekick for DPR Korea as Bose stamps on an onrushing Un Il. Meanwhile, change in strategy as skipper Gwan is playing as the left striker and Ri Jin is on the right wing. Interesting.

The teams are on the pitch, the national anthems have been concluded and it is time for action next…

28 changes made by Igor Stimac in his four games as Indian team head coach.

28 goals conceded by DPR Korea in their last seven international games.

It is a battle for survival here tonight as a dropped points tonight could very well affect chances of making it into the final. Can the hosts win tonight? We will find out soon…

Even DPR Korea were thrashed 5-2 in their first game against Syria. Coach Yun Jong Su makes three alterations. The two fullbacks Thong and Chang alongwith misfiring striker Kim Yong Il make way for the trifecta of Hong Song, Kim Bom and Ri Jin, who scored in the last game coming off the bench.

Igor Stimac makes NINE changes from the side that got beat by Tajikistan 4-2 in the opener of the tournament. Only Sunil Chhetri and Amarjit Singh keep their place. Jobby Justin makes his full debut in the national colours.

DPR KOREA XI: An Tae Song (GK); Hong Jin Song, Jang Kuk Chol, Ri Yong Chol, Kim Chol Bom; Jong Il Gwan (C), Sim Hyon Jin, Ri Un Chol, Ri Un Il; Ri Hyong Jin, Han Thae Hyok.

INDIA XI: Amrinder Singh (GK); Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Subhasish Bose, Jerry Lalrinzuala; Rowllin Borges, Amarjit Singh; Manvir Singh, Sunil Chhetri (C), Brandon Fernandes; Jobby Justin.

We have confirmed team news next…

Hello and welcome to Goal’s LIVE match centre as we bring you the fourth game of the 2019 InterContinental Cup. Hosts India take on DPR Korea at the TransStadia Arena in Ahmedabad.

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