Football Betting Theory And Practice

Football is among the most discussed topics in the world a lot of theories have emanated about the sport. Betting all over the world has its ups and down. Bettors enjoy winning and losses, to succeed one need to follow the trends as discussed below;

Betting Trends; too much confidence in football betting is not advisable, a bettor should do sufficient research and pay attention to betting if one must succeed, do not follow your instinct, and play by the rules of the game.


Understand the trends; the trends concept states that one should continue to bet against a team that is losing until it wins. What this implies is that one should continue to bet on a team winning until it loses. This concept has been proven reliable over the years by bettors that have applied it. You can try too.


Betting on strong Teams; still keeping betting trends in mind, a bettor should concentrate on stronger terms when in their winning periods. The reason behind this theory is that the stronger teams need more points to move up in the ranking position in the league table. Moreover, stronger and talented teams have the tendency to win easily compare to their weaker opponent.

Expert Predictions; The theory emphasizes that bettors should trust expert’s predictions, this concept is widely accepted and used, however, care should be taken to in as much you are applying this method, doing extra research on the teams is advisable.


Statistics and Trends; Statistics is valuable in football betting, bettors use the statistics available from different teams and players to make analysis before deciding. Trends are as well important; a pattern of play by teams and players over the years can be used to make future predictions. The combination of both will enhance one’s chances of winning.


Against the Spread; this explains how teams performed as compared to the point spreads set by the bookmakers. It is measured by how many times; It covers the spread and the number of times they failed, whether the games where won or lost. Many bettors use this data analysis to make predictions. This theory should only be applied used as a guide to current form. Too much attention should not be put into the use of this data as it only states past events and has little effect on the future.


Steam betting; this states that odds sometimes change and due to serious bettors placing bets. These changes are known as ‘’steam moves’’, applying this means you place your bet accordingly. If smart bettors win, the move reveals the bettors and what they bet on. In this case, you copy them and win.


Bounce back; the idea is simple, it implies that you bet on teams that have suffered a setback, as there are chances, they will improve the next match.

The problem is that you cannot really determine how the team will react to the setback.

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