Football Betting Menace

Football betting has come to stay, no doubt about that, but its menace to the society cannot be overlooked. This has eaten so deep in the society, especially the youth that we fear for our future generations if not put into check. The fact that it has created employment and generates income for the government is not enough reason to condone it.

The youth are the worst hit with this disease permit me, as can be seen in our society where every average youth is either a recreational, consistent or have one time in their lives involved in gambling. The advent of online betting, easy access to the internet and availability of smartphones have been the deciding factor to the increasing rise of this problem.

Because the youth are the major culprit in this challenge does not leave out older folks and teens.

The teens are learning fast from this trend which is disturbing, this is quite the fact they are encouraged in doing so either directly or otherwise. For instance, see the numbers of teens and youth you see in betting shops, you will weep, all in the quest to make money due to the failing society.

Even the working class is not left out since it is believed that it is an easy way to make money, involving in such act won’t be a bad idea to them. Most of them use their pay on betting, hence inability to meet family obligations, which likewise affect the kids, while in the cause of wanting to survive do what their parents are indulged in, after what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

There are cases where you see mothers also in the punting business, disheartening, what one does not understand is what is causing this increase?

This question is what I am yet to get the answer.

This has caused a lot of issues to our societies ranging from family crisis among members couples and siblings; Health issues ranging from mental instabilities; High blood pressure, suicides; Educational problems which include poor performance, inability to completes studies, prostitution, cultism just name is prevalent among the youth. A recent survey carried out proved that most societal vices are gamble associated.

These challenges are so insurmountable that it will need the combined efforts of parents, institutions, and government to help manage it. Parents on their part can help ensure that they closely monitor their kids, restrict internet use and phone and control their finances.

Religious institutions can also be of great help here, by ensuring kids are taught on the dangers associated with gambling, by organizing seminars, retreats, fora, and conventions.

The government on their part can assist by sponsoring paid advertisement to create awareness, jingles and creating employment to the teeming unemployed youth, as this prevalent in the less developed regions.

Football betting is a problem for all, and all hands must be on deck to ensure it is managed if possible eradicated.

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