Football Betting Arbitrage Explained

Otherwise known as a sure bet, miracle bets the best of bets which allows you to make a profit regardless of the outcome. To be specific, this method is where you make a guaranteed rate of profit placing a bet on all outcome. It can be applied to any gambling. Before I go further, it is better to know the basics, to have a proper grasp of the topic and how to effectively and efficiently apply it.

Arbitrage involves placing bet simultaneously (I.e. you place that team A will win with a bookmaker and placing an opposing bet that team B will win with another site). There are discrepancies between bookmakers, the basis of arbitrage betting is to find those discrepancies and place a bet on opposing outcome. This ensures that if you place a bet on each side of the outcome, you will make a profit regardless of the result.

How come about arbitrage? The main reason of arbitrage betting relies on combined odds from different betting site to produce negative margin. This will ensure that the bettor is at an advantage instead of bookmakers.

Arbitrage sound great right? However his is not the case, there are many downsides. The greatest is known as account closure. This happens when the bookmakers close the account due to suspicious activities.  As earlier stated, arbitrage hedging is favorable to the bettor and not the bookmaker

What do you expect when such activities occur your guess is as good as mine.

Bookmakers can go as far as canceling pending bets with or without your consent as they have a right to so Arbitrage bettor can encounter huge loss positions as a bet on the opposing side may still be pending. The worst-case scenario can wipe all the bettor’s profits of a long period. To save yourself from this unforeseen, ensure you check your bet has been accepted, and that betting has closed before you go do other things. Also, read the terms and conditions of the use of each bookmaker, you intend using for arbitrage betting.

The last downside is the element of complexity in arbitrage betting. A bettor needs to have many well-funded bookmaker accounts, to exploit arbitrage betting to its fullest. This involves identifying significant establishment time and effort. The process can be rigorous and dull with minimal returns because most 98% of arbitration opportunities return less than 1.2% of your total bet amount. To surmount this challenge, many online services offer to do the hard work of finding opportunities for arbitrage finding with a fee. This can impact profit and does not eliminate the risk outline here.

By applying this strategy to reduce your risk, you will often accept a small loss to avoid full loss of your bet. The most straightforward situation is finding yourself in a position when you lose confidence in your original placed bet.

The complexity of arbitrage betting has really been eliminated through the use of the software.

Be responsible.

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