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In many domestic championships, the names of the winners were already known by mid-season. Bundesliga was a nice exception, where for the first time in several years there was a really tense struggle for the title. The standings were dominated by Bayern and Borussia in turns. The latter was at the top of the standings almost the entire season, so many analysts have already predicted the title for the Bumblebees.

However, Bayern once again managed to demonstrate its strong will. First, the team of Niko Kovac managed to catch up with their competitors, and after that they outrun them in the standings. Thanks to the livescores today, you can always follow the latest statistics of matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming games. In many ways, the fate of gold medals depends on these results.

Who will dominate bundesliga next season?

Despite the fact that Bayern literally destroyed Borussia to pieces in a face-to-face match, the Bumblebees still have a few rounds to catch up. For this, they need not only to win every match, but also hope for the misfire of Kovacs squad. They may never have such a chance to win bundesliga again, as they have this season. However, after the win in the face-to-face game, it is exactly Bayern who is the favorites of the struggle for gold medals. It is enough for the team to win the remaining matches in order to finish at the first position again.

An interesting fight is unfolding for places in the European cups zone. Among the main contenders for them are:

  • Borussia Monchengladbach;

In the final rounds, the cost of each mistake increases significantly, because it will automatically mean that the team does not get the ticket to the international arena next season.

That is why it is safe to say that we can expect to see really interesting confrontations, in which even the German football giants will not have the right to make mistakes. Now, the Bundesliga has reached its decisive stage, so it became even more important to regularly receive the full range of necessary information

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