7 eCommerce Email Marketing Tactics That Work Like a Charm


E-mail advertising and marketing is the life and blood of e-commerce, however for those who’re utilizing it flawed, it will not generate you any gross sales. Once you take a look at corporations like Overstock do …


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  1. Hi Neil, I have a question please. On #3 Time Based Emails – 'what time did that subscriber sign up, etc…' Well what if you have like 100 new subscribers, you set their emails timing to eah one separately? I would have to go in one by one? Or is there an automated way to do this? Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hi Neil, I just started but I already had over 1200 emails with me. I need a free software or website that wouldn't need me to pay go those emails depending on the time I start earning and advancing it. I learnt a lot from this video most especially the scrapping and text email instead of images. They are absolutely correct. Like we all know, google will spam account that sends bulk emails regularly to thousands of users, is there any way i can get a free cloud domain email without paying??? I r3ally din have $ with me to start.

  3. Awesome tips Neil, thanks! Yes, I´ve used e-mail mktng. I have tried by purchasing a DB but what it happens that a lot of those e-mails were to spam and I´ve advice about my account. Now every time I send e-mail by using that domain, every e-mail goes to spam. What can I do, please help?

  4. Hi Neil! Quick question, i just launched my webpage 1 week ago. I am already getting traffic onto my website according to the search console and analytics, as well as I managed to gain a few backlinks. Question; when will I be able to analyse my traffic and keywords etc in your tool? So far, the ubbersuggest tool is not showing any data for my URL while search console and analytics does differen.t Thanks!

  5. Hey Neil,
    Thanks for making this video. This was my request few months back. I did well with SEO but I couldn't work in two departments Ads & Email marketing.
    I will try your email marketing tips and let's see if I could generate some conversions.

    Like always you're the best.

    – Promothash Boruah