How to make it massively with Bitcoin in 2017

Hello my good friend.

Compliments of the season…

I hope you are enjoying your xmas holidays with your family
and friends.

As for me,i am deep down the net looking for how to make our
2017 better.

Now let meask you a question…

Have you been looking for a legitimate way to make money on
the Internet using your smart phone (tablet, PC), and more importantly,
without leaving the comfort of your home and or office?

Then read on…even if for knowledge sake.

Introduction to the World’s First and Most Popular Digital currency:


Bitcoin is a digital currency that was created in 2009 and
i was wort just 10 cents
But as at today, 1 bitcoin equals $955, and is increasing daily.

I do not need to tell you that this is a very good investment.
There are several websites where you can buy and sell bitcoins and
be paid in Naira straight into your account and you can sell your
bitcoins anytime


Now let me show you how you can become a millionaire with Zafund.

Zarfund is a direct member-to-member donation platform that
uses ONLY bitcoins for transactions.

Which means, no central account, no request for withdrawal, no admin.
Your money (bitcoin) is paid straight into your blockchain wallet;
which is similar to your traditional account.

How It Works

Zarfund gives you the opportunity to accumulate up to 128
bitcoins monthly(43 million).

In Zarfund you start with 0.03 bitcoins (N15,000) and grow
this figure to 128 bitcoins (N43,000,000) monthly.

Now how do you do this?

Zarfund is a 2×6 forced matrix.

You sign up for free and you are placed on level 0. The system gives you 24
hours to upgrade to level 1.

To upgrade to level 1 you donate 0.03btc (N15,000) to your sponsor.
You are given your referral link and are ready to start making money.

Hang on!

You only invite 2 people and no more. Even if you bring more than 2
people the system will not place them directly under you, but under
the first 2 people you brought in (this is called the spill over effect).
Be careful to bring in 2 people who are as zealous as you (or more zealous).

But listen…

Are you scared of getting referrals?

Do not worry

When you join Zarfund Bitcoin Wealth Team, you need not worry about referrals.

We take care of that for you. All you need is invest and watch your money grow.

The Bitcoin Wealth Team

It is almost impossible to succeed in Zarfund as an individual, which
is why we formed a team.

Bitcoin Wealth Team is the first and biggest Zarfund team in Africa.
It comprises people of different disciplines; budding entrepreneurs who
are eager to make it.

Who have stopped depending on the government and have taken full
responsibility for their lives.

Who know that it is better to try and fail, than to not try and regret.
Who know that if they lose, they lose N15,000, but if they win, they win
N43,000,000 (monthly).

Click here
to get the step by step guide
on how to join the best team ever

Join My Team

Don’t just sit and look

Do something, Start something, Earn something…
Talk to you soon.

~ Taiwo Ibiyemi [Ceo Bitcoin Wealth Team]
P.S:- This is the very business model i want to
earn from in 2017.
When you my team Team, you need not worry
about referrals. We take care of that for you.

All you need is invest and watch your m.oney grow.


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