Coinbase Tutorial

Now copy your Uplines wallet ddress and go to coinbase.com. Login to your coinbase account and click SEND/REQUEST. See pics below and pls be extremely careful here. (Be double sure you copied the wallet address you see on BTCINVESTMENT page entirely; as you don’t want to pay in a wrong account.)

in the recipient field paste your upline bitcoin wallet you copied from BTCINVESTMENT.

in the amount field enter 0.002

then click Send Fund 
Once you send money or receive money through coinbase, it shows as pending for about 15 – 30minutes so relax….

Now, you need the HASH ID (teller/receipt) to paste on the BTCINVESTMENT upgrade page so that BTCINVESTMENT can be sure you really paid as instructed.

1. Go to coinbase dashboard

2. Click on account

3. Click on BTC wallet

Now click on the last sent transaction. See image below

A new page should pop up and then you click on the word confirmations to get your Harsh ID..See the image below:

Once you click on the word CONFIRMATION, it takes you to a new page where you will see the word — HASH. (That’s your Transaction Hash ID) see image below:

Carefully copy the Hash ID above and go paste it on the BTCINVESTMENT upgrade page. Your Hash ID is your RECEIPT, Its very important for BTCINVESTMENT), to confirm your payment.

I have taken time out to ensure you don’t get frustrated in the process. I know it can be a bit difficult the first time. Common don’t give up, there is BIG Money to be made so just follow the process above.
If you are not much computer litrate but you will like to benefit from this program. I will be available to help you setup everything, just call me on 07032723698.


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